Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Best Powder Day of the Year

Back to back powder days. Tuesday morning was outstanding, 17 inches and it continued to dump all morning long. It was snowing at least 2 inches per hour. Powder doesn't get any better than this. The Milly bowl was closed all day for obvious reasons. I took about 8 runs and every run had untouched freshie's. Even after 6 runs backbone still was giving up untracked lines. I was riding my snowboard and you had to be very careful to keep you speed up at the bottom of the runs because the powder was so deep.

Wednesday was calling me and I talked Craig into joining me. We arrived at 8:50 and the powder addicts were already lined up. The Milly bowl was open today after being closed on Tuesday. There was 31 inches of pow waiting to be had. It was feeding frenzy and the bowl was tracked out after 2 runs. We had 2 sick runs down Scree slope as you can see below. We made into the side country and we were the 3rd set of tracks in the Mary chutes. I was riding skis today so I could get around on the traverses better. We put down 3 laps in the Mary main chute. I took a few runs with my bro Jeff. We dropped in Peanuts and then Rock Garden. The video below is Craig in the Mary Chutes. I just ordered my ski building materials. Stay tuned for my home made super fat powder skis.