Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prator Canyon, Star Valley Ranch WY

This was a hike and ride I won't forget. I took my Dad's snowmobile up Prator canyon about 2 miles to my usual turn around spot. I was planning on leaving the sled and hiking for 2 hours and snowboard down. As I was getting off my sled I saw another sled coming down the narrow gully that leads up to the top. He said the trail was packed down all the way to the meadow. So I thought, let's see what my Dad's new sled can do.(Polaris 600 long track). I made it half way up the gully to the water fall. I ditched the sled and stared hiking. After about 20 minutes of hiking this this guy on a super sled (1100 Arctic Cat) asked if i wanted a ride to the top. The trail was already pretty steep and way beyond my sledding ability. I said sure, if he wanted to. He took my backpack and had me sit in front and he stood behind me. Off we went - up, Up and UP. This sled had some serious HP. Both of us weighted 400 lbs and it was climbing like a billy goat. We went as far as the top meadow. I teamed up with 4 other boarders/hikers. We blazed the trail to Prator/Green Canyon ridge which took us about an hour in knee deep powder. I still earned my turns. The run down was a true slice of heaven with 2 feet of super dry powder.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snow caving Jan 23rd

I was invited to go snow caving with my local scout troop. I took them last year so they asked me to take them again. We went to Sky Line Drive area near Fairview UT. This a great place to go snow kiting so I thought I could kite and cave in the same trip. We arrived late Friday night around 6:00. We had 9 in our party. It took about 2 hours to dig 5 caves. We then connected all caves with a short tunnel. It was a mild night with temps in the high 20's and clear skies. We woke to several inches of snow and zero visibility. Snow kiting was out with the poor visibility. Everyone stayed warm including my 6 year old son, Griffin. After breakfast we took them down to the park and ride snow board hill.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Y Couloir-Little CC

After being totally inspired by the straight chuter blog, I have been itching to go hiking. I decided on the Y Couloir to scratch my itch. I've never hiked this chute before so I wanted to explore it before a inviting any friends.
It was super warm and it actually rained a little bit on the way up. I made it to the first Y, which took a about 70 minutes. The snow was getting pretty wet so I wasn't feeling totally comfortable with the conditions. The chute was about 40 wide so making turns was no problem. There were a few rock bands in two places which kept the decent interesting. I've be back to finish this Couloir later in the year.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Snow Kiting-New Year's Day

My long time friend talked me into starting off the new year hanging on to a kite. This was first time snow kiting this year and my first time kiting since June. Cycling has replaced a lot of my kiteboarding free time.

We rode Strawberry River which is between Daniels Summit and Strawberry Reservoir. Great place to ride. My legs were spend after two hours our solid riding. No rest like you get on a ski lift.