Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cyclocross #7 Weber Fairgrounds

This was my race of mechanical problems. The first mistake was hanging with Jamie and Matt on the first lap. It was fun about 1/2 way then I knew I had over done it. I spent lap 2 and 3 trying to recover. On lap 4 I lost a chain on the barriers. I was able to get it on quick and only lost a couple places and I was able to catch back on to the 3 guys I was hanging with. As we rode the last part of lap 4 I mounted my bike after the log and unknown to me, I slipped the bead on my rear tire. I noticed what I thought was my rim rubbing on my brake. It was actually my tire rubbing on my brake. I didn't think much of it even though it was a pretty annoying noise. We had 1 full lap to go and there was 3 of together with a big gap in front and behind us. I was drafting off the back on sidewalk section when all of sudden there was a big bang and my rear the tire was flat. The pit zone was close so I tried to ride with a flat, that only lasted a few yards since my tube got tangled in my chain and seized the rear tire. I threw my bike on my shoulder and ran for the pit zone. I took a short cut across the horse track and left my bike in the middle of the track and then jumped on my 29er to finish the last part of the lap. To my surprise, no riders had passed me, one passed me as I came out of the pit area. I was able to overtake him in the barriers and finished 13th.