Friday, November 21, 2008

CX Wheeler #8

Wheeler was a great race. I finished 8th out of a huge field of 60 Men's C riders. It was nice to be part of the call ups because the start was sketchy. They shot us down a dirt road heading south then we turned right to an off camber slope. I was cut off and my front wheel almost caught in this guys derailure. I had to put my foot down but I kept my position. Next we had hard U turn then we were off in the woods.
I kept good position the first lap around 10th. I try to keep count but my brain gets starved for oxygen. The laps were very long, 10 minutes which meant we only did 4.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

CX Heber Mud Fest

This is my first post of my blog. Thank goes out to Mark N. for encouraging me to blog. Cyclocross race #7 was a butt kicker. I'm not sure what happened but I was not running on all cylinders. I was in 3rd place for 1/2 of the first lap and then the mud just seem to get deeper and everyone around me was getting faster. My buddy, Craig, who has been finishing like 30th, passed me on the 2nd lap and took 15th. I felt good before the race, I even put down Red Bull an hour before the race, which I haven't done before. Even with a pathetic finish I think I moved up a spot to 2nd overall. It helps when the number one rider was a no show for the last 2 races.

The Heber Valley was foggy for the start of Men's C flight at 9:30.