Saturday, April 4, 2009

Terrain Park Fun - Brighton

Another great day at Brighton with an another foot of snow on top of Friday's foot. The kids skied the powder well. Later in the day Griffin(my 7 year old son) wanted to ski the terrain park under Majestic. He had been talking about hitting this all day. The video above is Grif hitting the table top rail. He didn't quite get the pop he needed to clear both skis. He tagged one ski on the front of box and then belly slid the whole rail. Luckily no harm done and he was ready to do it again. After the crash we hiked up and Grif wanted me to lift him up on the ramp so he could do it again. He has a little to much of his Dad in him.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Powder

Friday's are so much better with powder. Janie and I were able to sneak up this morning to Brighton and enjoy 13" of new snow. Great conditions, fairly fast with a soft bottom. The new homemade skis were awesome. I had 2 virgin runs on the Olympic Shoulder in the Milly side country. This is in the first video. I also had fun 15 foot drop into Peanuts and then a fast run out through Rock Garden.

Milly's backbone provided fresh tracks until 10:30 right down back bone. Evergreen and Captains Hook were a sweet. The videos are a little raw. I taped a tripod mount to my helmet and used an older digital camera. The cold sucked all the life out of my battery. Hopefully it will still make you jealous:)